Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Like being on...

So for a long time now, I have been meaning to start publishing content online--my ideas, thoughts, perceptions, interpretations, free flow, etc.  Actually, Yelp kick-started this yearning of sorts.  If you don't know what Yelp is, google it now.   I swear it will change your life.

For me, it all began living in New York City this summer, working a desk job in which I wasn't very stimulated, and having the opportunity to plan each night for 3 friends and myself.  With the discovery of the genius that is Yelp, I began to write my own rants after my nightly explorations and adventures, fueled by the good and bad reviews on the rating website.  About a month into writing reviews, I began to get friend requests, positive feedback, and comments like "Write more!"  And with this, a light bulb fluttered on in my under-worked brain.  "Start a blog!" it said enthusiastically.  Cue other voice: "But what about?"  Light Bulb number 1: "Maybe you should wait and really consider drastic action like this..." Other voice: "Cool, procrastination is my speciality."

Now, 7 months later-yes, 7 months, the light bulb has arisen victorious.

Why Harmonies and Greenery you may ask?  Well, for starters, my 2 favorite things to do in life are listen to/play/participate in music, and advocate/learn about/work on the green movement, environmentalism, and sustainable living.  Until last night, Monday, February 16, 2009, after a long and wonderfully exhausting trip to Las Vegas and after attending a free concert on minimal amounts of sleep, I had thought that I could only blog about 1 theme.  This in retrospect was  a product of my academic training, and lack thereof of exposure to frameworks in creative writing.  See 4 words behind, frameworks, and you will understand the extent to which I have been using research and academic writing skills almost to the point of no return back to my own true voice (let's hope not!).  The show last night was at the Silverlake Lounge ( in east Los Angeles.  It was their residency band of the month, Local Natives ( along with 3 other indie rock/folk type groups.  Whether it was the combination of variables (add 1 part lack of sleep to 2 parts ridiculous instrumental-ism and stage presence) or whether it was simply the Local Natives' sound, I was hypnotized.  It was like being on... drugs without the substance.

That's when it came to me.  Music and environmental awareness--or in this case, Harmonies and Greenery.  "Why not?" said Light Bulb number 1, and finally, the Other voice said "Yes, why not."

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