Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Update on the "Algae takes over the world? and no, we probably won't die" Project

Algae is the word! After spending 2 wonderful days at Governor Schwarzenegger's Global Climate Summit: On the road to Copenhagen last week here in La La land, if anyone was listening to the overall message, Algae is undeniably the new most empowered alternative energy source! From hearing it from the West Coast rep of The Sierra Club, to diplomats, the EPA, Chevron, Virgin America, and many many more, algae is bubbling along the environmental green brick road.

Over the past year, the cost of producing algae fuel has dropped 2 fold, and will be potentially commercially viable and affordable at some point in 2011! YAY

The team over at the FUEL film and The Veggie Van Organization has the first ever Toyota Prius to run on ALGAE GASOLINE, that's right, not biodiesel, GASOLINE. They didn't even have to modify the engine of the car, and the ALGAEUS (the spiffy name of the Prius) runs at around 150 MPG.


Sir Richard Branson and Steve Howard from the famous Climate Group just helped them launch the Algaeus and a brand new Green Curriculum for K-12 in New York City as part of Climate Week 2009.

Wait a second...do we see a connection between music and the environment here? Sir Branson of VIRGIN, i.e. originally Virgin Music group...launching the Algaeus and a Green Curriculum...the journey is beginning to come together!

More to come later on the Climate Summit and how Governor Schwarzenegger is rocking the eco-lution, even as a Republican :)


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