Saturday, January 9, 2010

Musical Updates for your New Year

Wow, could I be more tired of the question(s): What is your favorite song, artist, and album of the decade? I’m sorry, what kind of bullshit question is this?

I mean, it’s a pseudo “music intellectual” type question, and I suppose some people are just trying to make conversation, but at the end of the day, why is anyone equating a 10-year period of a lunar calendar to the value of music in such a general scope. Please!!!!!????

As if anyone even has the right to judge anyone else’s perspective on this. And the arguments about Pitchfork vs. Rolling Stone vs. anyone else’s list of top 100 of the decade, they are just bashing the whole thing into the ground.

How can there be a best artist, song, album, etc with so many different genres and styles and events and geographic locations affecting music globally? I think best may be my least favorite word.

Maybe this is because I was never really “the best” at anything. I never had the insatiable urge to be the best. And to that point, why does there need to be a best?

In honor of this psychological analysis, I am presenting to you some of the most enjoyable rather than best indie music on the scene most currently for your listening and concert going pleasures.

Real Estate (New Jersey to Brooklyn baby)

Feldberg (Iceland, ooowwee!)

Hey Champ! (Chi-town)

The Antlers (Brooklyn but of course)

Fools Gold (La La land)

The Sound of Arrows (Sweden bahahaha)

She and Him (Zooey Deschanel's folkey band, based in LA)

Girls (Bay Areaaaaa)

Crayon Fields (Melbourne, Down Under)

Check them all out in the songs of the week playlist to your right. Or go catch a show in your area ☺ with or without me but of course!

peace and happy 2010


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