Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So I saw an absolutely delectably delicious band perform last night at The Mercury Lounge on the Lower East Side of New York. They were called Hymns.

In stark contrast, their songs had very little religious fervor (rather I believed that one of the musicians in particular had his own special fervor for an energizing drug of sorts), and were like The Beatles meets The Strokes (think Julian Casablancas) meets I don't know, attractive, sweaty, long haired, stupidly smiling, bouncing about the stage men of our generation that we like to refer to as dirty hipsters?

And in reference to the dirty hipsters...I like those. A lot. Add a mustache and I'm done for.

But seriously, I haven't felt myself truly let go to incredible sonic compositions and energy and pure musicality like that of Hymns for about a year now (sad, I know, this is what happens when music starts paying your bills, beware!!).

They've got a killer stage presence, great chemistry together, and a horn and saxophone player sometimes too. What else could you ask for, really? Tight jeans you say? Yep that's there too.

I'll stop my virtual drooling now.

peace from snowy BK


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