Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Creators Project and Why I need to be more Awesome

So, this new ish project has hit the international independent ish art and music and technology scene.  You guessed right, it's called The Creators Project.

So what exactly is it?  As far as I can tell, it's basically this list of musicians, artists, interactive media geniuses, and creative directors/agencies who have come together to showcase their work and talk about their processes.

Bla bla bla...basically, it's kick ass people all over the world throwing exclusive events and hanging out with each other, promoting connections and culture and creations, even more than they already do.  Yep, I didn't make the guestlist for the New York launch, even though I edit a pretty cool music website, work on the creative team at The Economist Newspaper/Magazine, and dress the part I suppose.

Bitter?  It's kind of hard to be.  Rather, I've had this strange reaction to the whole thing.  It's made me EVEN MORE MOTIVATED to become more creative and artistic and to be successful even sooner.  Oh bother.  Who's got the time?

Well if you know me, I don't sleep much, so maybe I was made for this.

Find out more about this really intriquing partnership between Intel and Vice Media, which is supposedly a media channel and a foundation,  and watch the dozens of videos on each of these "creators" on their website here.



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