Thursday, September 9, 2010

URGENT NEWS RE DANCING (and how it relates to music, the environment, and your future partner)

So today, in the lovely Newspaper group that I work for on the business (see dark, evil to quote our brand manager) side, we published an article about a scientific study.  This seems far from out of the everyday, ordinary happenstances here at The Economist, (I assure you if you are not a reader.)

But this study in particular, was particularly awesome AND amusing.  Why you may ask?  Has anything you've written about re the environment and re music been amusing yet?  How is this next tidbit of a blog post going to be funny?  Or even cogent?

Well, this study was the shit simply because someone managed to get someone to pay them to find out how dancing sexually attracts one human to another--and specifically, what kinds of gyrations are more attractive! YES.

So, get your pen and paper out and get ready to take notes.  If you'd like to attract another human, regardless of your physical attractiveness levels (I say this explicitly since the way the study was conducted involved an AVATAR [not Zoe Saldana or Sam Worthington, sheesh, those are 2 hot Avatars] and this avatar allowed for the people undergoing the study to not see in any shape or form the dancers physiques and faces), please do and dance the following:

1. Your head must move--a lot.  Not just back and forth alright, they have to be dynamic movements around the entire plane around your head.  yeah, that's right.  Like this.  Well actually, they explicitly stated that doing that alone is not enough.  It's gotta be more of this--actually, I think that dude is pretty well off in the natural selection re dancing area now.  Good for him!

2. Your neck must also move.  On account of the Englishness (Britishness) of our Newspaper, I don't actually know what this means.  I'm going on an investigative journey during my lunch break in the Editorial dungeon to find out.

3.  The "trunk" and yes I quote directly trunk of your body must also move.  At first, I though it was just your butt.  As in, this.  But alas, I was wrong!!  It's the whole of your body from your neck down to the beginning of your legs. 

In essence, we could have been far more concise and said the following:  Those who move their bodies while dancing from their heads to the beginning of their legs are more sexually attractive. 

How does this all relate to music and the environment?  Well dancing obviously relates to music.  Natural selection and attractiveness relates to the environment and how many better dancers will populate this Earth and deal with climate change in the future.  Dancing is clearly at the intersection of music and the environment (we even referenced how certain bugs dance to attract each other in the article).

So yes, aren't you glad you now know what to do the next time you are dancing clear-headed and concentrating on attracting a mate?

Good. I am too.

Here's the link to the article:



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