Monday, February 28, 2011

Timely Psychological Update to my Energy and Awkward First Date Post!

Wow.  There's a psychological term for the experience I have had, cited in my post on how the energy conversation is like a long, awkward first date, below.  It's called the "hyperpersonal effect" and I read about it in this column today in the Huffington Post.

This author Cristen puts it very well: "To the same extent that online dating allows people to hide certain flaws, it can also foster intimate communication quicker than in-person interactions. Researchers refer to this tendency as the "hyperpersonal effect." But when you suddenly feel a deep connection with someone you've only briefly interacted with online, don't start fantasizing about a blissful future together. The hyperpersonal effect can easily spoil your first in-person date if you've built up an idealized version of a potential partner in your mind."

I personally think we're fantasizing about all of the conversations we are having at energy conferences, and forums (COP ahem), and expecting a whole lot more than we really should.  I think the hyperpersonal effect has extended into the energy conversation.

How the heck do we fix this!?  I'm going to do some deep psychology reading into this this week.

If you've got any ideas--email me.



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