Sunday, April 4, 2010

Didn't I tell you music and the environment intersected?

So, as I was perusing the Earth Day NYC events for this upcoming April 22-25th, I stumbled upon a particular extravaganza that made my heart quite happy and a giant smirking grin grow on my sunburnt (let's pretend it's sun-kissed though for good measure) face.

What is it you may ask?

The Bowery Ballroom (one of the better venues here in New York) is holding an Earth Day concert and comedian show, for kids and adults alike!  Real Estate, indie brooklyn buzz band (who I referenced back in January ahem ahem) will be headlining.

The whole show is referring to the bands as "Earthrockers."  Talk about some AWESOME branding work.  Kill it Bowery, kill it!

Regardless, bring your cousin, kid sister, person you babysit, or any other young person (mind you, please do not steal them from their parents and pretend they are orphans in need like you are from Idaho or something crazy ;)), and help them rock out and learn about environmentalism and awesome indie music.

After all, music and the environment are connected in more ways than we may know yet...

The journey continues.



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