Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why Welsh peasants make better music.

So, last night, for the second time in just over a year, I saw the Welsh band Los Campesinos! (peasants in Spanish) play a show (the first being at Coachella Music and Arts Festival in April 2009 outside of Los Angeles, and last night in New York City).

I had originally stumbled across one of their feverish, sometimes impossible to decipher lyricked (yes I just made that word up) dance songs on a free sampler from Roxy (yes, the surf company).

Well, the first time I saw them, I was a sweaty, over-heated, sunburned, hot mess of a thing.  But I was jumping up and down like a 4 year old at Discovery Zone (RIP house of fun). 

I then got to meet them at a record signing after the same show, and took a picture with the lead singer to my heart’s may (opposite of dismay, obviously).

Even better yet, the adorable violinist complimented my denim dress (which as we all know, I’m not particularly stylish, so this comment absolutely completed my “high”).

Last night, I was press passed to review the band Cymbals Eat Guitars (see the review on May 28th on NewBandDaily.com, they don’t deserve to be on my personal blog wa wa).  But the entire point of this (fine 80% of the point of having gone to this show) was to see Los Campesinos! again, but this time, indoors at a small, historic venue (The Fillmore at Irving Plaza).

Let’s just say that again, I was sweaty and overheated, but this time, even more ecstatic.  Hearing them inside an actual theatre (in honor of their being English , the English spelling of the word theatre) was fantastic, exciting, energetic, energizing, urgent, and pretty darn fun and perfect!

Their songs about fun things, finer things, dramatic relationships, overdramatized situations, regardless of whether the topic is serious or far from it, are all so beautifully intense and passionate.

Not in a serious way, but in a dancey, sing-a-long type, cult following type, very marketable way.  Yes, maybe I don’t understand many of the words (until I look them up later).  Maybe I’m distracted by the general good-lookingness of the band.

Maybe I’m distracted by the heavy Cardiff accents.  The outfits.  The dancing. The on stage performance.  Or even, the moshpit down below me (as I was watching from above the stage).

Regardless, their loudly played, speakingly sung, urgently danced, and smiling faced music is undeniably addicting and quite the natural upper.

Mmmm…thanks Wales!




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